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ArcGIS_LocalGov_Specialty_Large-LightBackgroundAt Demufty-Aby we value a meaningful, productive, and measurable customer experience – it’s the reason many of our local government clients have been with us for a decade or more. Our team of expert agents, solution specialists and project architects ensures that our local government clients’ needs are met with a location-based solution that generates growth and empowerment in your organization. Our team firmly believes that smart local governments can and will transform how location is used to solve and transform the toughest of challenges.

The Demufty-Aby team have always engage internal operations, public engagement, and planning activities in such a way that empowers staff and constituents with community devleopment

Simply put, we make what you do better as regards community development plans and projects.

Demufty-Aby’s Local Government Approach

Our greatest asset at Demufty-Aby is our team of experts who proactively focus on local government GIS data, solutions and support. Demufty-Aby consistently measures the impact of community based solution and technologies to make sure our local government clients receive good value solutions that provide the land records information, city planning and modeling. Our approach to local government GIS solutions effectively makes the big positive impact in resources development and management.

When we can all speak the same language and move in the same direction, problems are solved, solutions are implemented and the organization fundamentally alters direction. Work with the staff at Demufty-Aby to learn, discover and uncover what our local government GIS solutions can do for your organization!

Community Geo-Information Model

At Demufty-Aby we understand the need for community based geo-information for descision making, Therefore one of our key strength is on mapping and analysis of community based information for proper planning and management of infrastruture.

Mobile and Web Applications

Demufty-Aby helps counties and cities to identify and implement the right combination of configurable application templates and custom development to provide easy-to-use web and mobile GIS applications that meet internal needs and the expectations of citizens. Our Solution Specialists have configured hundreds of Esri ArcGIS Online application templates, “filling the gaps” with custom development where necessary, to provide cost-effective and easy-to-use task-specific apps that make it easier to communicate valuable information. Our local government clients custom public map galleries within ArcGIS Online that allow all GIS applications to be accessed from a single location with a unique brand identity.

Find out more about application development from Demufty-Aby.

Land and Spatial Records

At Demuft Aby we work with standard data models and documented workflows, and focus on solutions that were seamlessly integrated with your business processes? We do support for land records and spatial infortmation accross available platforms

When we meet with our land records clients, our focus is always a common operating picture. Knowing where the organization stands in relation to skills, infrastructure, data, solution and support is fundamental to growing community urban planing using webgis technology .

From managing land use, parcels, surveying and serving the public to implementing dashboards to strengthen decision making, Demufty-Aby offers a broad range of focused, geospatial and land records solutions that integrate with the standard GIS platforms.

A Focus on Assets – Utilities

At Demufty-Aby, we are focused on facility solutions. And when it comes to utilities, planning, analysis, field operations, field-to-office workflows, asset management and public engagement are all key components of ensuring our solution supports the growing population of the community.

Smart Cities

Every community aspires to be a smart city, and Demufty-Aby is always ready to help you reach that goal. We support communities rural and urban to attain a functional working environmental friendly projects. This is acheived build accurate and accessible data, serve the public and the organization with mobile apps..

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