DEMUFT- ABY is a consulting engineering and geospatial technology company specializing in land development, building information model,transportation, renewable energy, geosapatial intellegency,mining, structural engineering and infrastructure development. Our team of spatial and engineering experts has been developing innovative solutions in an ever-changing world. We help clients across the globe and right next door improve their business and increase productivity.


The dream started thirty years ago, founder and entrepreneur Abiola Ademosu established a small engineering consulting company with a handful of professionals. The company have been involved in various Federal Government of Nigeria, State Government and private projects.
In 2012,one other firm joined DEMUFT- ABY , which is Xtionimagery Services, a geospatial technology, information systems and environmental services provider. 

DEMUFT-ABY has a rich history of first-class technical expertise, innovation and quality performance.
We are geospatial technologist, engineers, scientists, technologist, planners, designers, and project managers who have come together to deliver integrated, innovative solutions. From the development of smart models city planning, transportation, energy, mobile apps development, mapping and web services systems. Our diversity of experience serves one common goal - to provide sustainable friendly solutions which improve the lives of communities.

Our employees are dedicated to one aim: to design and build world-class infrastructure and natural environments by providing a full range of integrated consulting services. We have embraced this purpose by adhering to our core values. We treat our clients with the goodness and respect that characterizes the work we do. We strive for the highest standards in client and colleague relationships, and are dedicated to fostering longterm partnerships built on mutual respect and outstanding performance.

We have realized consistent growth through strategic mergers and acquisitions. We offer clients unrestricted access to a deeply knowledgeable and integrated team of professionals.